Hidden Gems In Florida

Not a bad starting list:

Most People Don't Know These 14 Hidden Gems In Florida Even Exist http://buff.ly/1gF78OX -- 18 Hidden Gems In Florida http://buff.ly/1gF7dSS

'Real Forrest Gump' trying to recreate grueling run across the United States in 100 days

Oudersluys, a huge fan of the 1994 Tom Hanks movie, is currently mid-way through a gruelling 3,200-mile across the breadth of the United States, which was inspired by his favourite film. "I decided if Forrest Gump could run across the country, I could do it too," he said of his challenge, which has been named Project Gump: https://projectgump.wordpress.com

Read more here: Meet the 'real Forrest Gump' who won't stop running - Telegraph http://buff.ly/1ScZaYV

Weekend in Gainesville

Looking for something to do in Gainesville, Florida? Stop off for a slice at the legendary Satchel's Pizza, grab a bite at Emiliano's Cafe, experience the wonder of the Butterfly Rainforest, watch thousands of bats at the University of Florida bat houses, explore the sunken forest of Devil's Millhopper, hike through Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, or wander through the beautiful Kanapaha Gardens.

Diving Culture in Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs is known for its Greek community and sponge diving. Over 500 Greek divers immigrated to Tarpon Springs in 1905 when sponge beds were discovered in the Gulf of Mexico.

Taxi Ride through London - Deutsche Welle video

Jeff Thomas knows the British capital like the back of his hand. Eight years ago, the former London bobby became a London cabbie. But to get there he had to learn "the knowledge" which means studying the city for years to become a bonafide black cab driver. He gives us a spin around the British capital.

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