Back in Time with the Trabant - DW video

From DW: When the first Trabant was launched in 1957, it could hold its own against West German models. Its 18 horsepower may not have been a threat to the Goggomobil or the VW Bug, but the latter certainly didn't leave its Eastern cousins in the dust.

Trout in a Champagne Sauce - DW/Swiss Recipe

From DW: In the Swiss town Fribourg, fish from the nearby trout farm in Galternbach is a favourite. Guests can catch their own dinner, and have it prepared in the Brasserie "L´Epée" by chef Christophe Dousse. For Euromaxx a la carte, he's making braised trout in champagne sauce with new potatoes and fresh spinach salad.

Here is the recipe: Mar i muntanya | euromaxx à la carte | 01.07.2014

Rio de Janeiro Vacation Travel Guide (video)

Rio de Janeiro Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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