#DailyDrone flight views of Germany from Deutsche Welle

"#DailyDrone is our daily bird's-eye view of Germany. Every day a different exciting location in the viewfinder of our drone camera":

Germany from above: The country’s narrowest fjord is located on the shores of the Schlei inlet in Schleswig-Holstein!

Germany from above: The pilgrimage church Steinhausen is located in Bad Schussenried, Baden-Württemberg.

Germany from above: Flight over a rapeseed field in Schleswig-Holstein!

Germany from above: There are approx. 26,000 wind farms in the country that supply power!

Germany from above: In Garzweiler in North Rhine-Westphalia whole communities are making way for an open cast lignite mine!

India: Mosquitoes and monsoons

From DW:

People in India are celebrating the arrival of the monsoon season after a long period of drought. But the heavy rain has also spurred doctors to issue a warning about Dengue fever. It is carried by mosquitoes, which like to breed near water.

Boyana Church (UNESCO/NHK)

Located on the outskirts of Sofia, Boyana Church consists of three buildings. The eastern church was built in the 10th century, then enlarged at the beginning of the 13th century by Sebastocrator Kaloyan, who ordered a second two storey building to be erected next to it. The frescoes in this second church, painted in 1259, make it one of the most important collections of medieval paintings. Source: UNESCO TV / © NHK Nippon Hoso Kyokai


Боянската църква – паметник под егидата на ЮНЕСКО http://buff.ly/2bhJGG4

National Geographic's Free Website for Printing Detailed Topographical Maps

National Geographic's Free Website for Printing Detailed Topographical Maps


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Why we love France - DW video

From Deutsche Welle:

France is associated with Paris, fine wines, gourmet food and world-class art and culture. Just some of the reasons to love France!

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