Cleveland Zoo Walk in the Fall

Golden trees; Going to orange

Trees on fire - relax - just the color is burning; Three colors on a single tree

In the African savana the grass it 6 feet high

An elephant close-up. Don't get too close though. Hey, what did you find there? Give me my camera back! Elephant swing - he was swinging with the trunk like a jazz player, really

Waterfowl lake; Two swimmers - a dead leaf and live fish (just left to the leaf)

A friendly duck at the Waterfowl lake; Georgeous swans passing by - these are trumpet swans and they demand (and command attention); Ducks' figure swimming in circles and spirals

Pink as...flamingo; Chinese rose - one of the most beautiful flowers we have seen; Giant leaves tree

A bearish look through the waterfall

You know the season...; Leaves are everywhere; Underwater view

Australia is 15,000 km away but the restroom is reassuringly close - just 15 m...

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