One Lake for All Seasons - Views from Lakewood park

Lakewood park is conveniently located just 5-7 min off I-71, take the Marriott hotel exit. It's even closer to I-90. All these beautiful views of the lake are seen from the park which is located on a hill above lake Erie.

One Lake for All Seasons

Let's start with the summer. Probably the most beautiful season for Lake Erie. Everything is bustling with life. This is the time to visit the Kelleys Island, Put-in-Bay, Marblehead Lighthouse, Vermillion and all others shoreline attractions. The season is short - 3 months only, so highly valuable. I asked the SVCH dietician Bev why there were so many festivals in the summer. She told me that the summer was just too short so we had to cram a lot of things within a limited time frame.
There is a small road at the bottom of the Lakewood park lawn which offers a beautiful view of downtown Cleveland

Still Life - it is like a painting by Rembrandt

Stunning Sunset - on your left when you are in Lakewood Park. Downtown Cleveland is on the imaginatory right of the picture but to be able to see it you have to come down to the small road at the bottom of the slope.

Boat on the Lake, you see the road I was talking about in the lower part of the picture

Early Fall. Don't be fooled by the looks and the sun. It's chilly wind on the shore, trust me.

Though bitterly cold, the lake is just as stunning as it is during the summer.

See the squirrel !

There are rocking benches on the lake shore so you can relax and think about the life - yours and in general.

See the last of the fall sun breaking through the tree branches

Winter days are here. Enjoy some bird watching around the house. The house is here, where are the birds?...

Snow lake effect - this is the same cliff where the summer sunset photo was shot, can you believe it?

It's soooo...cold now. Even the small road down the cliff looks somewhat different. Let's get back home as soon as possible before we get frozen here.

On your way back you can stop by at Aladdin's and enjoy the Middleastern cuisine there.
Summer is coming in just...5 months.

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