Zoo Lights in Cleveland - See All the Animals Made of Lights

This is a wonderful winter feast for the eyes. So much lights and colors ! The strings of lights, placed end-to-end, would stretch from Cleveland to Akron (30 miles). Over 150 trees are wrapped in colorful lights. The lights decorate the Zoo’s landscape and buildings, along with animated animal displays that really move, jump and fly.

On the way to the Zoo Lights; This is the Zoo entrance, 2 million visitors go through this door every year.

Zoo lights; Snow man of lights

Walking the walk of lights; kangaroos jumping in the Australian adventure

Winter stars; Kiddie rides made of lights

African savanna: Lions' den; Elephant family; Rhino

Deer jump

Swans and crocodile; House of lights (and hot chocolate inside); Santa's Castle...really

Published: 12/2005


  1. Cleveland no longer does Zoo Lights
    It's been about 5 years

  2. This post is from 2005.


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