Rain Forest of Cleveland Zoo

The Bornean orangutans are in the glass dome at the top of the rainforest building. The rainforest has two levels: lower and upper. There is a waterfall in front of you immediately after you enter the building. See videos of the rainforest.

Lower Level of the Rain Forest

The rainforest exposition is focused on South American flora and fauna including the aquatic life. You can see turtles, fish and even a crocodile - gharial. The lower level is dark and even slightly spooky. It starts with a pack of fruit-eating bats.

This reticulated python reminds you of the scary Kaa from the Jungle Book...

Tropical rain and some strange spiny animals - the Porcupines. The lower level is dark and it rains regularly - actually, the rain is realistically simulated every 10 minutes.

There may be snow outside but inside is more than warm, you are in the rainforest.

Upper Level of the Rain Forest

The upper level is all green and full of sunshine. This is where the orangutans and the birds live. You can also see capibaras and giant anteaters.

See the restless Giant Anteater with a 3-foot-long tongue that is roaming around on and on looking for...you guessed it, ants. Poor thing, he is fed cat food in the rainforest and just occasional leaf eater ants from the lower level.

Birds called spoonbills for no particular reason.

Capybaras are excellent swimmers that live happily in a group of 20-40 animals.

The clouded leopard is thought to be one of the most beautiful animals on earth.

An orangutan in his quest to reach the top of the glass dome.

A tree in bloom on your way from the rainforest back to the zoo.

Cleveland Zoo Rainforest in Winter

Fishing Cat at Cleveland Zoo Rainforest

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Created: 02/01/2005
Updated: 02/07/2008

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