Videos from African Savanna, Cleveland Zoo

Elephant at Cleveland Zoo

Elephants in African Savanna, Cleveland Zoo

Black Rhinoceros at Cleveland Zoo

Black Rhino at Cleveland Zoo

Red Flower at Cleveland Zoo

Ostriches at African Savanna

CMZooTube: "Elephants and Pumpkins for Thanksgiving 2007. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's three elephants had an early Thanksgiving treat on November 20, 2007 as they feasted on pumpkins and we caught it all on film."

Is That a TV Anchor Shoveling Elephant Poo? The Roar Report Blog, 07/2008.
Study Finds Elephants In Zoos Live Shorter Lives. NPR, 12/2008.

Created: 07/12/2006
Updated: 12/11/2008

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