Bonnie Park Picnic Area in Strongsville, Ohio

Bonnie Park Picnic Area in Strongsville, Ohio

Bonnie Park, history plate

Pond, during winter

Marshy land

Walking trail

Marshy land, same area in winter

Second pond

Artifical waterfall

Emerald Necklace of parks around Cleveland

From Cleveland Metroparks:

"Bonnie Park Picnic Area is located off Valley Parkway in Mill Stream Run Reservation, off Pearl Road/Route 42 in Strongsville.

Long ago nineteenth century communities like Albion, Sanderson's Corners and Slab Hollow sprang up to take advantage of the water power from the east branch of the Rocky River and its tributaries. After the sawmills and grist mills were established, businesses like a basket factory, taverns, blacksmith shops and tailors followed. At Berea, the river cuts through Berea sandstone carving potholes in the stone. Baldwin and Wallace lakes are former quarries that produced some of the finest grindstones in the world. The settlers were not the first to visit; artifacts have been found in the reservation that indicate Native American tribes frequented this area over 8,000 years ago. The reservation includes numerous species of wildlife and plant life, including ferns and wildflowers. The East Branch of the Rocky River is noted for its spring trout fishing."

See Bonnie Park, Cleveland Metroparks from Digital Paintings of My Photos, Photo Art of Kevin Parnell.

Published: 04/26/2008

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