Cleveland Zoo giraffes hit the road to breed

Giraffes at Cleveland Zoo

From Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"Masai giraffes Walker and his son Mac boarded a specially-designed trailer and left the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo last week, bound for the distant savannas of Wisconsin and Kentucky, to do their part for the future of their subspecies.

Walker, a strapping, 18-foot-tall fellow who came to the zoo from San Diego in 1995, fathered 11 calves in Cleveland during his stay. That's more than a quarter of the giraffe births at the zoo since it started its breeding program in 1959, and it constitutes about a sixth of the entire Masai giraffe population in North America."

There are only 68 living Masai giraffes in North America. The last giraffe import, before international restrictions clamped down on importation, was in 1984.

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