Dorset Horn Sheep

The Dorset or Dorset Horned breed of sheep is known mostly for its prolific lambing. It has been known to produce two lambing seasons per year: bred in May for lambs finished by the holidays, and bred again immediately after the first lambing to produce again in March or April (from Wikipedia).

Dorset Horn Sheep. Image source: Flickr Sheilaellen's photostream, Creative Commons license.

The Dorset Horn was developed in the mid 1800s. Its chief distinction is its horns – large and curled – in both rams and ewes.

Dorset (pronounced /ˈdɔrsɪt/) (or archaically, Dorsetshire), is a county in South West England on the English Channel coast. The county town is Dorchester.

Dorset county in South West England. Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.


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