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  • Air fares cheaper now than a decade ago, average cost of a plane ticket within the U.S. is $315

  • Unlogged-into Hotmail and Gmail account expire after 9 months and unlogged-into Yahoo accounts expire after 6

  • WSJ: "White House 'Beer Summit' Becomes Something of a Brouhaha" - Aren't there more important issues?... :)

  • Paco Addiction: Argentina's Ongoing Struggle

  • How flight attendants deal with life on board: flight attendants' top pet peeves

  • How Bar-headed Geese Get Enough Oxygen Flying Over Himalayas, sometimes at 30,000 feet and

  • One Star Pound (1 * #) Bypasses Needless Voicemail Instructions

  • Hard to believe: "Central Park horror (a rotting branch snapped off a tree) leaves Google engineer in coma"

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