The Ghan - Australia’s transcontinental north-south train line

From the NYT:

The Australia’s transcontinental north-south line is a private railroad now running for 1,900 miles with just four stops through the vast interior of the country (and 1,900 miles back) twice each week.

The train was originally called the Afghan, after the camels that provided earlier transportation into the Australian interior; it has since been shortened to the Ghan.

The entire trip from Adelaide to Darwin lasts 48 hours.

With its vast landmass, and less than 22 million people, Australia is an empty place away from the coastline.

Where Camels Once Trod, a Train Crosses Australia. NYT.
Crossing Australia by rail on the Ghan: Adelaide to Alice Springs - Telegraph, 2011.
Image source: The Ghan at Alice Springs, Wikipedia, GNU Free Documentation License.

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