NYT: A Weekend in Oslo, Norway

The first thing anyone who knows Oslo says when you mention that you are headed there is, “It’s really expensive” http://bit.ly/r6DW4

A bottle of water in Oslo costs the equivalent of $6, a small glass of beer will set you back $10.

Slideshow: A Weekend in Oslo http://bit.ly/cFGMi

Oslo in summer, when the sun's last rays still haven't faded by 11 p.m. and locals seem to be in a nonstop party mode http://bit.ly/r6DW4

Two words: "The Scream." You can't visit Oslo without seeing this masterwork by Edvard Munch http://bit.ly/OqnEE

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On the top of the world in western Norway - Chicago Tribune, 2011.
Image source: Location of Oslo in Norway, Wikipedia, GNU Free Documentation License.

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