NYTimes: 36 Hours in Cleveland

From the NYTimes:

Although a fiercely blue-collar ethos still endures, Cleveland is showing off its vibrant spirit with new museums, inventive restaurants and retro boutiques.

For decades the University Circle district has housed many of the city's cultural jewels, including Severance Hall, the majestic Georgian residence of the Cleveland Orchestra. http://bit.ly/1kHQNM

The Cleveland Museum of Art is famed for its collection of Old Masters and kid-friendly armor. However, recent openings have put the spotlight on more modern fare, moving dramatically from a roomful of Impressionists up to contemporary work. http://bit.ly/15N5ti

The new East Wing of the Cleveland Museum of Art. http://bit.ly/NpnVQ

36 Hours in Cleveland. NYTimes, 2009.

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