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Video: In Memory of Les Paul, the clip shows Paul at 90, just a few years ago, living a still vigorous life.

White House’s kitchen garden site revealed high levels of lead, had to add lime, , etc. to the soil to improve it

Free Foreign Language Lessons

Top 10 Crasher Squirrels [Pics]

MIDNIGHT BEAUTY® (Sugrathirteen variety) is a proprietary black seedless grape by Sun World , introduced in the 1990's

Man Who Listed Occupation As "Robbery" Pleads Guilty - No wonder...

NPR Reporter's Notebook: Life On A Remote Arctic Fjord. Traveling to report a story on narwhals meant taking 3 planes and a helicopter to a small, remote town in Greenland

The Official White House Photostream: The hands of U.S. Secret Service agents as President Barack Obama shakes hands

Touring Tasmania - Port Arthur, Hobart, Wine Glass Bay and Launceston

55 = Maximum weight, in pounds, of the world’s largest known seed of the double coconut palm, Lodoicea maldivica

Three Gorges Dam in China is the world’s largest, it has displaced at least 1.3 million people. 65 = Percentage of ocean-bound freshwater flow that is obstructed by dams. More than half of the world’s 292 large river systems are adversely affected by dams. Worldwide, 19 percent of electricity comes from hydropower.

Margaret's Artisan Flatbread

Largest unbroken stand of Ponderosa pine trees in the world.

20 reasons why Victorian tourists had it worse than us

Wiktionary, the free dictionary in Bulgarian

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