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Have you seen the latest BMW?

How a sewing machine works

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks lie side by side in the spectacular southern Sierra Nevada

Strange signs and bizarre translations sent in by readers on their travels.
Dangerous conformity
Sensitive sign
Itch relief
Signs: "This way for sudden death"

Sand Sculpture Festival on Flickr:

Hay Transportation

Australian Travel Photography by Darren Stones

The Artist and His Model

Photos: Secrets of Antarctica

Next time you're sipping your favorite wine, examine the glass closely - thick and greenish comes from car windshields

Health Advice from the Frugal Traveler’s Doctor

After Century of Big Growth, Tide Turns in Florida: first population loss since at least 1900. Florida - a state that was booming and has been a leader in population growth for the last 100 years that suddenly has seen a shift. Florida grew from 2.8 million people in 1950 to 6.9 million in 1970, and by about three million people each decade after that.

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