New Indian Restaurant and Buffet in Omaha: Dhaba Indian Cuisine

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Dhaba Indian Cuisine is a new restaurant in Omaha, NE (opened in September 2009) that recently had a glowing review in the local newspaper, Omaha World Herald:

"I've read that dhabas are the diners of India: roadside eateries that provide tasty and affordable local fare. But the Dhaba near 120th and Blondo Streets certainly does not resemble a truck stop.

The food is a similar hybrid of family-style and fancy: fried, sautéed, stewed and tandoor-baked dishes with freshly ground spices and prettily carved garnishes, generally served in sharable portions in shiny copper-bottomed vessels.

The buffet changes daily but typically includes fresh naan (the puffed and blistered bread, baked on the inside walls of a cylindrical tandoor oven), basmati rice, a mix of vegetarian and meat dishes, some off-menu specials, an appetizer, a dessert, some fresh vegetables for salad and a few sauces."

The newspaper food columnist was extremely impressed (you have to check the full article below to get the feel of it) but strangely some of the reviews listed on Google Maps were considerably less generous.

Review: Dhaba does it right. Nichole Aksamit.

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  1. Horrible, Terrible and Not worth a penny! We had to wait 15 mints to get our menu and 15 mints for someone to take the order and then the food came after 30 mints. Meanwhile I had to ask 3 times to get a refill of water. And finally when the food arrived we had no silverware. We ordered spicy food and we got sweet stuff and they tried to pass of chicken biryani as mutton biryani. When we told them about it they refused to acknowledge it. When they opened we thought it might take them a few months to get in proper shape. But this is after 6 months and the food and service both SUCK!


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