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Mondovino (Italian: World of Wine) is a 2004 documentary film on the impact of globalization on the world's different wine regions written and directed by American film maker Jonathan Nossiter.

It was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival and a C├ęsar Award.

The film explores the impact of globalization on the various wine-producing regions, and the influence of critics like Robert Parker and consultants like Michel Rolland in defining an international style. It pits the ambitions of large, multinational wine producers, in particular Robert Mondavi, against the small, single estate wineries who have traditionally boasted wines with individual character driven by their terroir.

The film gave Nossiter a chance to utilize his knowledge as a trained sommelier as well as an opportunity to visit some of the great wine regions of the world.

Mondovino was filmed with a hand held Sony digital camcorder over the course of 4 years for a budget around $400,000. Over 500 hours of original film was shot at locations in 7 countries on 3 continents in 5 languages (French, Italian, Spanish, English and Portuguese).

The film was shot entirely in single camera, about 60% of the time operated by Nossiter with the camera on his hip while he is conversing with the subject. The cinematography does frequently employ "intense" zooms, sometimes right up to the subject's eyeballs, which Nossiter explains as a necessary means to keep the handheld camera in focus.

The film was edited down to 2 hrs 15 minutes after the screening.

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