Documentary: Wine for the Confused

Available on Netflix as of March 2010:

Wine for the Confused is a documentary hosted by John Cleese of Monty Python fame. It is a light-hearted introduction to wine for novices.

Cleese guides viewers through the basics of wine types and grape varieties, wine making, wine tasting and terminology, buying and storing wines, through direct narrative and interviews with wine makers and wine sellers. The film includes visits to wineries in California.

The film concludes with a large group conducting a blind wine tasting. One of the tasting results was the fact that most tasters could not distinguish between red wine and white wine. Another was that most tasters rated an inexpensive wine equal in taste to an expensive prestige wine, and both of these out scored the rest of the mid-priced and high-priced wines in the blind test.

Wine for the Confused. YouTube.

Wine for the Confused. Hulu.

Wine for the Confused. Wikipedia.

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