TIME video: 10 Questions for Jorge Ramos

Edited excerpts from the interview (see the reference link below for the complete text):

"Do you think Mexico would ever allow U.S. military intervention (to control the drug cartels)?

Mexico will never accept U.S. military intervention. Mexicans always remember 1848. That's when Mexico lost more than half its territory [in a war with the U.S.]. Having said that, I think that the presence of U.N. soldiers in parts of Mexico, including Ciudad Juárez, should be a possibility.

Whom would you like to interview whom you have not yet interviewed?

Nelson Mandela. He always understood that injustice cannot last forever.

Hispanics are now the largest U.S. minority and growing. In your view, what is the most important implication of that fact?

The process of change is well under way. The U.S. is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, with the exception of Mexico. It means — and I am completely convinced of this — that the first Hispanic President has already been born."

10 Questions for Jorge Ramos. TIME.

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