Fast-casual restaurants chains continue to grow - Pei Wei arrives in Chicago

From Chicago Tribune:

Chicago's North Side is getting a new takeout option with Pei Wei Asian Diner. The average cost per person at P.F. Chang's is $17 to $18, vs. $10 a head at Pei Wei.

As Americans continue to be cautious with their eating-out dollars, full-service restaurants have been suffering, while many fast-food chains have seen sales slip, even as they promote dollar menus. The segment that continues to grow: fast-casual restaurants, which typically offer consumers a more sophisticated menu that's made to order in a more upscale atmosphere, without having to leave a tip.

Chipotle's expansion from one location in 1993 to more than 1,000 restaurants today may make it "the fastest-growing restaurant chain ever but Five Guys Burgers and Fries is right on their heels."

The location of the first Pei Wei Asian Diner in Chicago North side:

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Fast times in fast casual. Chicago Tribune, 2010.

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