A flood of plant-based milks on the market

From Chicago Tribune:

Plant-based milks flood the market. Can they replace the real thing?

In addition to almond milk, the most popular new variety in the category, you can find milk made from rice, coconut, oatmeal, hazelnut and even hemp. Many of these varieties also have "light," chocolate and vanilla options. Most contain fewer calories and most have less fat than dairy milk, with the notable exception of coconut milk, which contains saturated fat.

"Light" versions of these milks don't taste as good because they're watered down and save only 30 or so calories. Vanilla- or chocolate-flavored versions contain more sugar than the "original" versions.

Almond milk, with its lightly toasted almond flavor, has gained 88 percent in the category.

"There's a milk for everybody. Milk is better for people than pop or soda."

Health watch: Maze of milks. Special to Tribune Newspapers, 2010.

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