The Great Greek Goodbye

From Chicago Tribine columnist John Cass, son of a Greek immigrant grocer:

"It's the Great Greek Goodbye.

Americani say goodbye by standing up, shaking hands, saying, "Adios," and walking out the door. But that makes too much sense for us.

The goodbye is an art form in a Greek household. First you stand up in the family room and say it's late, the kids have to go to school tomorrow. You kiss goodbye. Then you talk for 20 minutes. Then you move to the foyer, where you talk for another 20 minutes.

Then you stand in the doorway. And what do you do while standing in that doorway? You talk for another 20 minutes.

A proper Greek Goodbye takes at least an hour."

'Foreigners' guide to Greek Easter feast. Chicago Tribune, 2011.

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