Morocco in World Showcase, Epcot park in Walt Disney World

The Moroccan Pavilion, designed to look like a Moroccan city with a realistic Minaret, features the only pavilion in which the country's government aided in the design. King Hassan II sent Moroccan artisans to design and create the many mosaics. The government also sponsors the pavilion, while a corporation holds sponsoring rights on every other pavilion.

The minaret (or tower) towering over the area is a recreation of the unique Koutoubia Minaret in Marrakech.

The Fez House shows guests the typical Moroccan house. Inside the pavilion, North African plants including citrus trees, date palms, and olive trees, and fountains.

There is also a replica of the Nejjarine fountain in Fez, a very intricate mosaic fountain. Also from Fez, the evenly-tiled Bab Boujouloud gate marks the border between the old town (the Medina) and the new town. Inside the Medina, there is a bustling market place, or bazaar. Six shops adorn the pavilion, selling patrons everything from rugs to leather goods, and traditional Moroccan clothing.

The courtyard plays hosts to entertainment, including a belly dancing show in the evening.

Restaurant Marrakesh, along with the Moorish Cafe, serve Moroccan fare, including roast lamb in Tajine, couscous, and Harira soup.


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