Mormarevi Brothers in Bulgarian movie history

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Mormarevi Brothers (Bulgarian: Братя Мормареви / Bratya Mormarevi) is the joint pen name of Moritz Yomtov (Bulgarian: Мориц Йомтов) and Marko Stoychev (Bulgarian: Марко Стойчев) - two Bulgarian authors of humorous prose and screenplays. They worked from the 1960s until the end of 1980s. The two were longtime friends but not actually brothers.

They specialized in humorous films for children, but also wrote humor for adults. Their screenplays became classic films, fondly remembered to this day by Bulgarians, young and old.


"A film with horses, my brother, is not about the horses."
Marko Stoychev, when asked if their stories were for kids.

"They both were crazy about Bulgarian yellow cheese. Engrossed in play and creation, they sometimes ate pounds of it."
Kancho Stoychev (Marko's son), on their working habits.

Their filmed screenplays also featured some of the most eminent Bulgarian comic actors of this period, including Dimitar Panov in Porcupines Are Born Without Spines (1971) and Georgi Partsalev in With Children at the Seaside (1972) and Farsighted for Two Diopters (1976). They created a unique style and enduringly popular body of work during one of the most productive eras in Bulgarian cinematography.


Mormarevi Brothers - Wikipedia
Братя Мормареви — Уикипедия

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