The Lighthouse and Perch Fest at Fairport Harbor, Ohio

Lighthouse and Perch Fest at Fairport Harbor, Ohio

Fairport Harbor park; The La Salle expedition in 1699; The beach and the geese flying in a V-shape formation; The giant perch made of wood

Fairport Harbor is a village with a population of 3,000 in Lake County, Ohio. The village is the home of the annual Perch Fest.

The Fairport Lighthouse. See the area on Google Maps.

The original lighthouse was built with bricks in 1825. In 1871 the old tower was taken down and rebuilt with Berea sandstone, doubling its size. The lighthouse is 60 feet high and has a spiral staircase of 69 steps which leads to an observation platform. The light was visible from 17 miles.

The Lighthouse made of Berea sandstone

The Marine Museum exhibits the old lighthouse lens. The light was burning with whale oil.

In 1925 the light in the tower was stopped and the lens was placed in the adjacent marine museum. The building used to be the house of the lighthouse keeper. The marine museum is operated by volunteers and is open from 1 PM to 6 PM, Memorial Day through Labor Day.

There are 69 steps to the top of the lighthouse tower which is open to the public and provides a spectacular view of Lake Erie.

The view from the top is worth the 69 steps up.

These mounds of sand and river stones are even seen on the satellite images of Google Maps.

The Perch Fest in an annual event, so you can check it out next year. As a bonus, the perch and walleye dishes served there are truly delicious (($ 10 each).

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