Tall Ships at Cleveland Harborfest

Cleveland Harborfest is an annual event in July in downtown Cleveland. The photos here were taken in 2006. The Nautica Queen (shown above) and Windy II take passengers for a 20-30-minute trip in Lake Erie.

All tall ships have sails. There are about 7-10 ships that can be seen during the Harborfest and they come in different shapes and sizes: brigantine, barquentine and schooner (see above). Barquentines have 3 masts and are the biggest tall ships, I think.

Let's go on board of the barquentine the Picton Castle. The lines are long, so be prepared to wait 15-30 minutes before you board the ship. While you are waiting, check out the nautical alphabet.

These color flags actually have a meaning, each of them is a letter in the nautical alphabet.

Masts and sails.

A look from the deck of the barquentine the Picton Castle.

A boat seen through the ropes on the deck. The second photo shows Windy II which you can board for a short trip on Lake Erie.

The tall ships look like they were built ages ago but their lifeboats do not rely on sails alone, all of them have motors.

On board of the Picton Castle.

See a Tabblo with the photos above.

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Updated: 09/05/2007

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