Balboa Park, San Diego, California

The 200-foot California Tower in Balboa Park. From Wikipedia: Balboa Park is a cultural complex which contains 15 museums, theaters, gardens, shops and restaurants as well as the world-renowned San Diego Zoo.

Sculpture of El Cid Campeador. From Wikipedia: Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar (1040-1099), known as El Cid Campeador, was a Castilian nobleman, then military and political leader who conquered and governed the city of Valencia.

House of Hospitality in Balboa Park. Most of the buildings are in the Spanish Revival style, a richly ornamented eclectic mixture of Spanish and Latin American architecture.

Piaza de Panama in Balboa Park. The Museum of Man is seen behind the fountain.

From Wikipedia: El Prado is a long, wide promenade running through the center of the park. Along this boulevard are many of the park's museums.

Museum of Natural History

Balboa Park fountain

Balboa Park, San Diego, California, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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