San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park, San Diego, California

Air Safari at the world-famous San Diego Zoo. From Wikipedia: San Diego Zoo is one of the largest, most progressive zoos in the world with over 4,000 animals of more than 800 species.

Air Safari is "an overhead gondola lift that provides an aerial view of the Zoo and is a quick way to move from opposite ends of the Zoo."

Koala Eats Gum Leaves at San Diego Zoo

Chinese sheep

Hippo, Okapi, Snake skeleton

African rain forest

Indian elephant and other animals and plants

Indian Rhinoceros

Indian Rhino at San Diego Zoo

A bamboo door at the canyon

An elevator from the canyon the the "upper floor" of the Zoo

From Wikipedia: The San Diego Zoo also operates the San Diego Wild Animal Park, which displays animals in an even freer condition than at the Zoo. Some animals are regularly exchanged between the two locales to provide them with a regular change of scenery.

San Diego Zoo, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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