Brandywine Falls in Sagamore Hills, Ohio

Brandywine Falls is very scenic and easy to visit (see the location on Google Maps). It is one of the highlights of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. There is a parking area, trail and board walk to the base and the top of the falls.

Brandywine Falls. This is the wooden deck. First, we'll try the upper level. It's a "rough road" (see the sign above) to the low deck, so be careful.

Old trees on the way to the upper deck; Even the squirrels are anxious to see the falls...

A glimpse at the multi-colored rocks at the falls; There are 3 different layers of rock at the falls in 3 different colors.

A view from the top of the falls, stay back from the edge...

In 1880s, there was a whole village here which had disappeared. Not all early settlements were successful...

A lot of stairs to the lower deck; A view from the lower deck

The falls

Frozen falls during winter

Brandywine Falls. Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
Brandywine Falls.
Location on Google Maps
Brandywine Falls.

Created: 04/14/2007

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