Gorillas and Manatees at Columbus Zoo

Columbus Zoo is one of the 6 great Ohio Zoos. Currently, I have photos and videos from 4 of them: Cleveland, Akron, Toledo and Columbus. According to Wikipedia: Columbus Zoo has a worldwide reputation, largely attributable to the efforts and promotion of director emeritus Jack Hanna.

Gorillas in African Forest

Colo -- the first gorilla born in captivity

The highlight of the region is the primate area featuring three generations of Western Lowland Gorillas, the progeny of Colo -- the first gorilla born in captivity. Colo's name is derived from the place of her birth--COLumbus, Ohio. Colo just turned 50 which is an advanced age for a gorilla and she prefers to spend time alone. Colo is currently the third oldest living gorilla in captivity and is easily recognizable by the heart-shaped brow ridge above eyes (see the photos above).

Okapi in African Forest. Due to its elusive nature, okapi was not known to Western zoologists until 1901.

Okapi at Columbus Zoo

Manatee Coast

West Indian Manatees in Manatee Coast

Toledo Zoo is famous for its unique Hippoquarium. One of Columbus Zoo key attraction is Manatee Coast, a 190,000 gallon indoor habitat for the endangered West Indian Manatees. This habitat is one of only three outside of Florida to keep manatees, making it an especially popular exhibit. The building is also covered by a retractable roof, which creates an outdoor environment for up to 5 manatees during warm weather (source: Wikipedia).

Manatee Coast at Columbus Zoo

North America


Asia Quest

Flying Fox-the Largest Bat in the World at Columbus Zoo. Flying foxes got their name from their fox-like heads. Unlike other bats, flying fox does not have echolocation, instead, smell and eyesight are very well-developed. It is the largest bat, with a wingspan of up to 6 feet and weight of 1 kg.

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Manatee Release, Cincinnati Zoo. Thane Maynard talks about our 2 Manatees that are going back to Florida to be released into the wild.

Has anyone ever seen a photo of a happy captive gorilla? Flickr.

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