Sofia, Bulgaria

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Fountain in front of National Theater. More: Chess | Flickr and

Memorial of John Atanasoff, inventor of first computer in front of National Post Office

Pencho Slaveykov (left sculpture) and his father Petko (right sculpture) on Slaveykov Square in Sofia. Both were prominent writers in the last century.

A statue of St Sophia

St Nedelya Church

Church of St. George built by the Romans in the 4th century AD is the oldest building in Sofia

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world. More: Alexander Nevski | Flickr and

Hagia Sophia Church - the second oldest church in Sofia

Russian Church, Sofia. More: Gratitude | Flickr

Former royal palace at Battenberg Square, now National Art Gallery

Banya Bashi Mosque - one of the oldest mosques in Europe completed in 1576

Sofia Synagogue -- one of the largest in Europe

Rick Steves podcast about Bulgaria: "Travelers to Bulgaris can expect Ancient Byzantine and Ottoman influences and experience Mummers and midwives keeping traditions dating back to the ancient Thracians and Romans times alive."

Click here to download the podcast MP3 file.

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Published: 11/24/2007
Updated: 11/29/2012

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