Stearns Homestead Historic Farm in Parma Ohio

The city of Parma owns this historical farm in the middle of the city, located close to the busy Parmatown Mall (0.5 miles south). Founded in the 1840s, it was the last working farm in Parma and was gradually surrounded by suburban houses - an island in the heart of the city. The city of Parma bought the farm in 1980 and turned it into a museum. The typical farm animals are still here and can be fed and petted by children.

Stearns Farm history plates

The Stearns house is frozen in time (1850-1920s) with the typical furniture and clothes from that time. This is how the phone lines worked when Alexander Bell was still a young man (check the picture above) -- you plug the wire and connect people in places far apart to have a phone call, manually, no computers here.

Yes, you can feed (and ride) this friendly pony.

There is a small man-made lake behind the farm house.


If you want to show your kids that milk does not come from bottles but from cows, and eggs come from hens before they are put in cartons, the Stearns Farm is the place to go.

Stearns Homestead is open during the weekends (1-4 PM) from May 23rd to mid-October.
6975 Ridge Road, Parma, OH
Phone: 440-845-9770
Admission and parking is free

Stearns Homestead, Parma's Historic Farm. Ohio Department of Development, Division of Tourism.
Stearns Homestead. Parma Area Historical Society.

Published: 11/05/2008

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