Annual Waterfowl Migration Near Omaha, Nebraska

From Omaha Word Herald, Dec 5, 2008:

"Now is the peak time for waterfowl stopping at the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge just across the Missouri River from Rulo, Neb.

Earlier this week, the bird count at the refuge was about 165,000 geese, 75,000 ducks, 55 trumpeter swans and 79 bald eagles.

Squaw Creek is made up of 3,000 controlled acres of marsh and wetlands, said Corey Kudrna, a wildlife refuge specialist. He said the birds usually remain until the shallow waters freeze. A 10-mile auto tour loops through the wetlands. The refuge is open from sunrise until 5 p.m., with no entrance fee required."

See the photo gallery: Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.

A good view of the birds. Omaha Word Herald, Dec 5, 2008.
Image source: Snow Goose, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, GNU Free Documentation License.

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