Botevgrad, Bulgaria

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From Wikipedia:

Botevgrad (Bulgarian: Ботевград; pre-1934 Orhanie (Орхание); pre-1866: Samundzhievo (Самунджиево), is a town in western Bulgaria. It is located in Sofia Province, close to Pravets, and is situated at a 47-km-distance from the capital Sofia.

Botevgrad and its hinterland are located in an elliptical valley with a total area of 5,066 km².

The bottom of the hollow is the acumulative river terrace of Bebresh river and its tributaries. The low oval hills inside the hollow contribute to the countryside variety. Mount Murgash — 1687 m tall is the highest point of the highest mountain range to the south and south-west.

Published: 08/30/2009

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