Skyfari at Omaha Zoo, Nebraska

The Henry Doorly Zoo opened the Skyfari in 2009 - it is an adapted ski lift that runs from the Butterfly pavilion near the the giraffe complex to the rhinos exhibit.

From the Zoo website:

"You are gliding over the treetops, narrowly missing the head of a nearby giraffe. You continue over the African Veldt and the cheetahs, above the Garden of the Senses and the monkeys in the Lagoon. You can see it all from up here! The elephants and rhinos are just up ahead.

Skyfari has 78 ski-lift-style chairs riding a system built to carry 780 riders per hour in each direction. Secured on towers rising up to 40 feet, the chairs are connected to nearly 3,200 feet of wire rope. Skyfari travels 200 feet per minute while most ski lifts travel 600 feet per minute. A round-trip ride takes a leisurely 20 minutes."


Above the Garden of the Senses.

Monkeys in the Lagoon.

Published: 08/19/2009

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