Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa

From Wikipedia:

In 1963, Mr. A.H. Blank donated $150,000 ($916,000 in 2005 dollars) for the construction of a children's zoo on decommissioned Fort Des Moines property. It was originally designed around nursery rhymes and included a castle with moat, a replica of Noah's Ark, petting zoo and miniature railroad.

Australian outback.

Great Cats exhibit.

Kids' Kingdom.

In 2007, the Zoo built the new Kids' Kingdom playground. It includes 5,600 sq ft of slides, mazes, monkey bars, sand pits, fossil digs and more. The Kids' Kingdom area also includes many for "contact animals" which includes, sheep, goats, llamas, miniature donkeys, koi fish, and a Zebu.

Discovery Center.

The Discovery Center is an entirely enclosed area you encounter first when you enter the zoo and contains different types of animals and plants. The Discovery Center itself is broken down into separate sections to create a unique viewing experience.

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Published: 08/20/2009

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