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Jim Henson's the Storyteller: Greek Myths is currently available for streaming from Netflix.

From Wikipedia:

The Storyteller is a live-action/puppet television series. It was an American/British co-production which originally aired in 1988 and was created and produced by Jim Henson.

The series retold various European fairy tales, particularly ones considered obscure in Western culture, created with a combination of actors and puppets. The framing device had an old storyteller (John Hurt) sitting by a fire telling each tale to both the viewers and to his talking dog (a realistic looking puppet, performed and voiced by Brian Henson) who acted as the voice of the viewers.

In late eighties Henson attempted a follow-up, The Storyteller: Greek Myths, which had a different storyteller (Michael Gambon), but the same dog. This second series was first aired in 1990, focused on Greek mythology and took place, rather than by the storyteller's fire, in the Minotaur's Labyrinth, which the new storyteller and his dog wander through. Only four episodes of this series were made.

Episode 1: Daedalus and Icarus

Daedalus was the greatest craftsman in Greece. Unfortunately his skill did not rub off on his son, Icarus. Jealosy and frustration forces the pair into a life on the run after Daedalus killed his skilled nephew apprentice. Cruel King Minos of Crete asks Daedalus to design a maze to imprison the creature known as the Minotaur, then locks Daedalus and his son inside the labyrinth to make sure only he knows the secrets it hides. But Daedalus escapes, and builds a pair of wings for himself and Icarus to escape Crete. Read the rest of the story at Wikipedia.

The Storyteller. Wikipedia.

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