Matis Tribe rituals - bitter juice in the eyes and whipping (BBC video)

Sore eyes for Bruce Parry - Tribe - BBCWorldwide — April 19, 2010 — Adventurer Bruce Parry joins the Matis tribe in Brazil for some special rituals, including a very painful one involving squeezing bitter juice in their eyes. Bruce is glad they haven't asked him to do it, until of course he is summoned to show his strength. Cue laughter from the tribe and tears from Bruce! From the amazing third series of BBC's Tribe. Contains language which some may find offensive.

Matis Tribe hunting rituals and whipping - Tribe - BBCWorldwide — April 19, 2010 — The Mais rituals make them better hunters, but the second ritual, whipping, looks more painful than anything else. Whipping is used by the Spirits of the Forest to teach the Matis children to stimulate growth and prevent laziness. From the BBC series Tribe. Contains some upsetting scenes.

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