The 39 Clues, Book 4: Beyond the Grave - review of book

Beyond the Grave is the 4th book in the 39 clue series written by Jude Watson. The audio book is read by David Pittu and includes a bonus feature where Grace Cahill is featured talking on a game-show (available from In this book, Dan and Amy go after an Ekat clue left by branch founder, Katherine Cahill.

After uncovering the Tomas clue, gold, left by them in a cave in Seoul, Korea by the famous samouri, Tomoyoti Hideyoshi, they head to Egypt after discovering a clue to their next location in an anagram decoding to El Sakhet (of the Sakhet). Sakhet is an ancient Egyptian goddess.

The book starts out with Dan, Amy and Nellie in the middle of the Con El Camili marketplace in Cairo, Egypt. After encountering their cousin, the Russian Irina Spasky, who has set out to kill them, Dan and Amy flee getting lost in the process. While barging for a fake statue, they meet the blonde, green eyed British archeologist Theo Cotter who saves them from buying a fake Sakhet statue and helps them regroup with their au pair Nelllie Gomez. Theo leads them to Senari House, where Dan and Amy find their first hint towards the clue, a letter written to Napoleon. However, Nellie, Amy and Dan are soon caused to flee Senari House after discovering the letter, leaving Theo alone.

After hailing a cab, they head towards their hotel which they booked with their uncle Alistar’s recent traveler card. When they get there they learn that the five star hotel is really a cover up for the Ekaterina stronghold. When they enter the stronghold, Amy tells Dan that she thinks that their beloved grandmother Grace Cahill, may have been preping them for the clue hunt all along which leads them to mistrust her. In the stronghold they meet Alistar Oh’s uncle, Bae Oh who traps them in a plastic cube.After making their escape they meet Theo Cotter’s grandmother, Hillary who happened to be good friends with Grace. After regrouping with Theo at Hillary’s house, Hillary hands them a Christmas card and the missing Sakhet both gifts from Grace. With Dan’s help the trio finds a hint hidden in the Sakhet making them realize that the next clue is hidden in Queen Nefertiti’s tomb.

Soon, Amy, Dan, Nellie, and Theo grab a flight to Luxor where they explore Nefertiti’s tomb for ten minutes.When they head back to the boat, Dan and Amy sneak off to the tomb again and this time successfully obtain the hieroglyphics which they decipher on the boat to mean island, Isis, column, and wall. Sadly, Jonah Wizard, one of Dan and Amy’s competitors in the clue hunt sends them a drift to a crocodile infested island. Fortunately they find their way off the island with the help of a fisherman. Soon, the quartet book a room in the old Cateract Hotel. That night, Dan , Amy and Nellie discover that Theo and hillary have been trying to steal Grace’s Sakhet. The siblings use Theo’s betrayal to send Irina Spasky on a wild goose chase.

The next day, the trio discovers that Alistar Oh has been spying on them. They also discover an old painting that Grace made which was a map to the island of Phille which was submerged under water after the new dam was built. Alistar helps them go underwater to find the clue in his submarine. However, when they get there they find out that the madrigals got there first and crossed out the clue. After almost dying in the submersible the Cahills head back disappointed only to find out that Grace was leading them to the clue. Soon, they are hot on a new trail where they find a picture of the clue but ar still not able to identify it. At the hotel, Amy discovers that the clue is myrrh. The discovery leads the siblings to once again trust Grace. The book ends with the Madrigals attacking the Ekat stronghold.

The next book is called the Black Circle written by Patrick Carman.


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