Mr. Gele - Master of Nigeria's gravity-defying headgear - CNN video

The Houston-based businessman has made an artform out of tying a gele -- the gravity-defying headwraps worn by Nigerian women.

They have been worn by Nigerian women for generations, but in recent years has become the ultimate fashion accessory for important parties and events in the U.S., something that Segun Gele partially credits himself for.

Segun Gele now charges $650 to tie wraps for brides and their party for Houston weddings, and $1,000 plus hotel, rental car and airfare for out-of-town weddings. Knowing brides reserve him a year in advance, well aware of his popularity.

It's the only business he's done since he moved to the U.S., and one that's showing no signs of slowing down.

Segun Gele: Master of Nigeria's gravity-defying headgear. CNN.

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