Airstream International - Futuristic RV

From Chicago Tribune:

Since Airstream first set up shop in L.A. in the 1920s, the manufacturer, which has since moved to Ohio, has become synonymous with luxury and style. The creme de la creme of trailers, an Airstream is the sort of thing that inspires lust in those who wander. The owner of a 34-foot Holiday Rambler motor home stopped me at the campground where we stayed and said with a sigh, "I've been wanting one of those for 60 years."

Airstreams are prized for their aerodynamic architecture and unmistakable " Lost in Space" silver siding assembled from studded sheets of metal. Their exteriors look like lunar modules whose hard corners were melted into round forms during atmospheric reentry. Their interiors are equally NASA'd out, with more storage space and cubbies than seems possible considering their dimensions.

The 2010 Airstream International RV: Nature, meet man-made wonder. Chicago Tribune, 2010.

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