"Cicerone" certification exam to bring beer the respect it deserves

From Chicago Tribune:

The Cicerone (SIS-er-rone) exam is an exhaustive array of short answer, tasting and essay questions about brewing, storing, serving beer and pairing it with food. In three years, Daniels has designated 1,400 certified beer servers, 120 Certified Cicerones and one — yes, one — Master Cicerone. Each level demands more expertise.

Daniels believes deeply in the "beer clean" glass, which must be rinsed prior to serving to remove traces of sanitizer.

It takes two hands to pour a beer," and his method is this: hold the glass at a 45 degree angle, pour along the side, then about halfway through, tilt both glass and bottle vertical. You want an inch or so of head. If you want to be a Cicerone, you'd better know that.

Ray Daniels created the Cicerone program to bring beer the respect he thinks it deserves. Chicago Tribune, 2010.

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