Low-sodium pre-cooked rice from Amazon

Annie Chun's Rice Express Sprouted Brown Rice, 6.3-Ounce Microwavable Bowls (Pack of 6). Sprouting brown rice normally takes 24 hours. It is softer in texture and easier to digest than regular brown rice.

Nutrition info: Serving size: 0.5 tray, Amount Per Serving: Calories 135, Total Fat 1g (1%), Saturated Fat 0g, Sodium 0mg (0%), Total Carbohydrate 29g (10%), Dietary Fiber 1.5g (5%),
Sugars 0g, Protein 3g.

It contains the suspiciously sounding glucono delta-lactone (GDL) which is a naturally-occurring food additive with the E number E575[3] used as a sequestrant, an acidifier, or a curing, pickling, or leavening agent. Pure GDL is a white odorless crystalline powder.

Annie Chun was born in Seoul, Korea, and came to Northern California as a young adult, where her family owned and operated a Korean restaurant in San Francisco. Annie began selling Asian sauces at the Marin County Farmers' Market in the 1990s. In 1992, with $500 and a lot of help from friends and family, she founded Annie Chun's Gourmet Foods. Her goal was to make Asian cooking "as easy to prepare as spaghetti" for Americans. Many of her products are reportedly based on traditional recipes that have been part of her family for generations. In 1997 Annie moved beyond Asian sauces, introducing a line of specialty Asian pastas.

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