Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago (album).

The entrance.

The Caribbean Reef exhibit was built in 1971. A feature of this exhibit is a diver that interacts with the animals while talking with the people.

The Abbott Oceanarium is split into two levels, above and below the waterline. Above the waterline, there are bleachers where guests can watch the aquatic show, while below the waterline, guests can see the Beluga Whales and Dolphins up close. Animals in the Oceanarium include Sea Otters, Sea Lions, Pacific White-sided Dolphins, and Beluga Whales.

The Wild Reef is located underground just off the main foyer. The largest habitat holds 400,000 gallons and several differant species of sharks. Other displays include live corals, a mangrove forest, and a re-created Filipino Fishing village.

The Chicago skyline viewed from the entrance.


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