Blue-spotted stingray

The bluespotted stingray (Neotrygon kuhlii) or Kuhl's stingray, is a species of stingray. It is light green with blue spots. Its disk width hovers around 42 centimeters (17 in).

It is popular in aquaria. The stingray's maximum age estimate is 1-18 years of age. The bluespotted stingray preys on many fish and small mollusks. It is preyed on by the killer whale and hammer head shark.

From Illustrated Childrens Map of Animals of the World:

The bluespotted stingray is found near Indonesia to Japan, and south to Northern Australia. The bluespotted stingray is targeted by many parasites such as tapeworms, flatworms, and flukes.

A close up film of a Blue Spotted Stingray filmed at The Small Crack - Red Sea:

World's Largest Stingray? (NatGeo video):


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