All in This Tea (film) - streaming from Netflix

From Netflix: Few people know the fascinating history of tea growing and making. This intriguing documentary aims to change that by following renowned tea importer David Lee Hoffman as he scours the far-flung corners of China to find the richest teas on earth. Tea making is an art and tradition that goes back generations in the East, and Hoffman makes it his goal to bring to the rest of the world the exquisite teas produced by struggling small farmers.

As a pioneer, Hoffman faced incredibly difficult time exporting the high-quality teas he found from China. The things are reportedly much more streamlined now. He mentions that all tea grown outside of China now started from a single tea tree that grew on the Tibetan side of the border. All those tea varieties, from a single bush.

Hoffman sold his company "Silk Road Tea" but at the end of the film he is completing the building of his tea house. He also ventured into wheat growing.

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