Going home to Rizes Greek village - John Kass from Chicago Tribune visits his ancestral home

From Chicago Tribune:

"When I mention our family's village in Greece, I usually write that Rizes is the most beautiful village in the universe. And it is. Your family's village might also be the most beautiful. This is possible. I understand that. But this village is mine.

"Don't be embarrassed," said my cousin George Ganios, who was up there with me. "You think you're the first man to cry here? They all do it, my boy. You're in Rizes. You're home."

I asked my Thea Tula, the only one of my father's siblings who remained in Greece, for the reason Rizes is so beautiful.

"Because your father was born here, and your grandfathers and their grandfathers and their grandfathers," she said. "That is why it is beautiful. Do you understand me?"

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Rizes, Greece


Photos: Greek village of Rizes
Going home to Rizes

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