What is the Best Tomato to Grow in a Container?

The 6 most popular red cherry tomato varieties

With more and more cherry tomato varieties on the market, it's hard to know which are the best to grow.

The 6 most popular red cherry tomato varieties are:

- Large Red Cherry
- Gardener's Delight
- Red Currant
- Super Sweet 100
- Sweet Chelsea
- Sweet Million

Super Sweet 100 is considered the best cherry tomato but it did not work well for me in the Growums SIPs boxes. The fruit was small and it was not sweet at all.

Large Red Cherry produced the best results for me in 2012 (with seeds from Dollar Tree store for 20 cents).

Extreme Dwarf Bush German Tomato 
They have been some great reviews of Extreme Dwarf Bush German Tomato but the seeds are difficult to find. It seems there are only available from VictorySeeds.com:

Extreme Bush Certified Naturally Grown Seed, 50 days, determinate - The plants are 12-28 inches tall, tremendously productive, and produce fruit over a long period of time. The leaves interestingly curl up and inward. The fruits are very flavorful, weigh about 3 ounces, are globe-shaped and red in color.

This would be a great candidate for our gardening friends with limited space or wishing to container garden. We received our original seed from the USDA, ARS accession number PI 302463 which lists its origin as Germany.  The old Gleckler Seed Company lists one matching this description called "German Tomato (45 days) Extreme Dwarf Bush" in there 1958 seed catalog. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

Sweet ‘N Neat tomato

Sweet ‘N Neat series produces copious amounts of fruit on very compact plants. You can grow them as hanging baskets or on ground pots. Plant single plants in 8” pots or 3 plants in 14” pots.

This is a new cherry tomato compact enough to grow in containers on the patio or back porch, with a determinate habit (meaning that it stops growing once it sets fruit) but an indeterminate fruit production. Sweet 'n' Neat Scarlet plants reache 10 to 12 inches high. The little cherry fruits are about ¾- to 1-ounce, arising in clumps like grapes.

"Sweet N Neat" was disappointing when I grew it from shipped plants in 2012. It was not very productive and the fruit was not sweet.

The 'Sweet n' Neat Scarlet' tomato could have as many as 40 fruits on a plant growing in a 6-inch container.  The 'Sweet n' Neat' tomato is available in 3 fruit-color choices. Each plant will produce over 15 fruit on an 8-inch (20-cm) plant. Blossoms and fruit develop on the vine at the same time. The harvest time is short – 7 to 10 days. Plants are self-topping (determinate, bush type) and seldom need staking.

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares one of the tomato varieties he is growing this year. In this episode you will learn about a special hybrid variety tomato that stays small, yet yields a ton of sweet, red cherry tomatoes: "Sweet N Neat" Scarlet Tomato:

More videos from John: Share Your Love of Gardening by Making a Better YouTube Videos with these 10 Tips:


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