Englishman explores traditional Bulgarian food and drink preparation (videos)

Bulgarian lutenitza. Lutenitza is a Bulgarian preserve made from Tomatoes, peppers and aubergine. This is just one of the traditional recipes from Bulgaria. Bottling or canning for self sufficiency is very popular in Bulgaria, the tradition has never died out like it has in some countries. The opportunity to grow your own food and preserve it is just part of everyday life in Bulgaria:

How to make wine in Bulgaria:


Tutmanik how to make Bulgarian cheese bread - YouTube http://goo.gl/p4uhT
Bulgarian goat cheese sirene - YouTube http://goo.gl/ooPfZ
How to make Rakia in Bulgaria traditional - YouTube http://goo.gl/QO61x
Christmas eve in Bulgaria - YouTube http://goo.gl/Zm0lx
Easter in Bulgaria - Velik Den. - YouTube http://goo.gl/YA8bM

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