Suburban Renewal One Backyard at a Time: converting grass to vegetable gardens

Most of the videos are from the "Peak Moment" program YouTube channel.

Jan Spencer shows his quarter-acre permaculture project transforming a typical suburban lot. Lawn and driveway were replaced with fruit and nut trees, vegetables, brambles, and native habitat, plus a 3500 gallon rainwater catchment system, a sunroom heating the house, and a small detached bungalow to increase residential density:


How Much Food Can I Grow Around My House? - YouTube -

Suburban Permaculture w/ Janet Barocco and Richard Heinberg - YouTube -

An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability - YouTube -

Four Acres and Independence - A Self-Sufficient Farmstead - YouTube -

A Geodesic Greenhouse — Year-Round Gardening at 6000 Feet - YouTube -

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Install from Start to Finish - YouTube -

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